Information about Car rental


About the rental:

Conditions and documents required for car rentals: a valid identity card, a valid driving license, minimum age of 21. In case of rental cars is needed deposit, which is returned at the end of the rental if the vehicle did not have any damage and the rental conditions fully met. In case of damage to the maintenance fee is deducted from the deposit. The deposit and maintenance fee may vary among categories type of vehicle categories. Vehicles are clean,fullfilled with full when given and taken back. If the vehicle is returned dirty and without full tank, than the costs will be deducted from the deposit. The rent includes a valid insurance, CASCO insurance, vehicle tax, service and other related costs to the car. In addition the rental fee includes daily 200km. The price of additional KMs traveled may vary among categories. The rental fee does not include the Hungarian highway fees. Smoking is not allowed in our vehicles! For further information, about the rental, please contact our colleagues under the Contact menu.


The vehicle rental and other related services to meet the operative Hungarian laws.